Non-Exclusive audio files are provided in different file formats:

  • WAV
  • Wav files are the original recording with the highest quality (44.1KHz 16 bit Stereo). These files are also very large in size and they should generally not be used in the game release. Recommended use for a Wav file is when you encode it yourself or if it can be imported and compressed automatically by your development platform.

  • OGG_128k
  • Vorbis Ogg files encoded at a variable bitrate of 128kb/s. This format and bitrate is a very good compromise between file size and sound quality. For computer games this is generally the best option as 1) most development platforms support Ogg files, 2) the Ogg format is license free, 3) 128k Ogg files sound very good compared to Mp3 at the same bitrate, 4) The game distribution file size is kept reasonably small due to efficient compression.

  • OGG_64k
  • Vorbis Ogg files encoded at a variable bitrate of 64kb/s. This format and bitrate is recommended for games on hand held devices such as mobile phones. The file size is kept to a minimum but audio quality is sacrificed. Listen to the sound quality of the audio and determine if it is sufficient for your intended use.

  • MP3
  • Mp3 files encoded at a variable bitrate of 190kb/s. This format can be used if your development platform does not support Ogg files. IMPORTANT: Mp3 encoding breaks seamless loops as it inserts a few milliseconds of silence during the encoding process. The Mp3 format may also be subject to license limitations.

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